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Swift is one of the fastest growing programming language and is now the most preferred technology for iOS and Mac Development. We at Eduonix have crafted a course to meet the growing demand of Quality Swift Programming for both beginners and Intermediate developers.


A simple analytical tool user friendly having well defined graphic user interface based. At advanced levels even excel requires some coding usually done using VBA. Excel is a business application developed by Microsoft. It is a spreadsheet with intuitive interface, outstanding computation capability and excellent chart tools. In addition, having incorporated VBA, Excel becomes flexible even more greatly. Almost everyone can use it to well meet the need of any industries, any enterprise, or any workspace environment. Excel is characterized by its high user friendliness. Excel users can name the variable after the cell, just as natural as that, not requiring any effort to define the name like SAS and other tools do. Excel cells are aligned by nature, saving the effort of typesetting. Excel allows for invoking other cells intuitively and calculating automatically, capable to implement the stepwise computation easily. However, on the other side of the coin, the great universality of Excel makes Excel suffers from the relatively poor specialty.

Our Advanced Excel Training will really show you how to make Excel work for you. The course is aimed at fairly experienced Excel users whom need to learn more complex functions, nesting, data manipulation and protect data using the security features. You will gain an insight into data tables and using excel advanced look up features to automate worksheets and analysis tools to forecast figures based on a range of scenarios and use consolidation to bring together information.

  • Shreyas H. A

    I have only just begun the course (20%) but I can already tell that, the content so far is great, as I am learning new things in every lesson!

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