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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the associate level Certification in Networking offered by Cisco. CCNA in Routing and Switching covers basics of Cisco Networking and routing switching technologies along with IP addressing schemes, routing basics, switching and WAN technologies. After completion of CCNA course, a candidate can easily install, configure and troubleshoot Cisco Routers and Switches for medium size networks. After completion of CCNA certification candidates can go for higher level of Cisco Courses like CCNP Course. We are Best Institute for Cisco CCNA course Training in India. Network Bulls provides CCNA course in Gurgaon Center on Real Cisco devices (Routers and Switches), with 24×7 Lab Facility. CCNA course is delivered as per Cisco CCNA Certification exam blueprints. We do not use simulator software in our classes or labs. In order to prepare for CCNA certification online exam conducted by Cisco, candidates need to work on real devices instead of relying on simulators.

Layered Models

  1. OSI Reference Mode
  2. Application Layer, Presentation Layer
  3. Session Layer, Transport Layer
  4. Network Layer, Datalink Layer, Physical Layer
  5. Cisco Three-Layer Model


  1. Introduction to TCP/IP
  2. Transport Layer Protocols (TCP, UDP)
  3. Internet Layer Protocols (IP, ICMP, ARP)

IP Addressing

  1. IP Addressing Classes
  2. Subnet Masks and Subnetting
  3. Complex Subnet &Supernetting
  4. Determining Broadcast & Network Address

Configuring a Router

  1. Starting up with a Router and Switch
  2. Booting a Router and setup mode
  3. The Command-line Interface
  4. Passwords and Line Console Commands
  5. Interface Configuration setting
  6. Verifying & Debugging the Configuration

Building a Network

  1. Configuring a Router and Switch
  2. Verifying Configuration and Duplex Settings
  3. Continued Router Configuration
  4. Continued Switch Configuration

Managing CISCO in an Internetwork

  1. Backing up and restoring startup configuration and IOS
  2. Booting IOS from TFTP Server
  3. Cisco Discovery Protocol
  4. Ping and Trace
  5. Understanding configuration register
  6. Recovering the password

IP Routing

  1. Routing Basics
  2. Managing static and Dynamic Routes
  3. Configuring static IP Routing
  4. Configuring Dynamic IP routing using RIP, IGRP
  5. Managing and configuring OSPF & EIGRP
  6. Avoiding Routing loops using split horizon, route poisoning


  1. Bridging versus switching
  2. Working concept of Switch
  3. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  4. LAN Switch Types

Virtual LANs

  1. VLAN membership
  2. VLAN Configuration and VTP
  3. Assigning Ports
  4. ISL Routing and Frame tagging
  5. Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting

Access Lists

  1. Access Lists Commands
  2. Standard IP Access List
  3. Wildcard Cards Implementing an Access List
  4. Extended Access Lists
  5. IPX access Lists
  6. Securing a Network Site with Access list


  1. WAN Connection Types ISDN, X.25, Leased line and Frame-Relay
  2. Connection protocols
  4. Dial-on-Demand Routing
  5. Frame Relay configuration
  6. Subinterfaces in Frame-Relay Troubleshooting and Debugging Tools

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